I wanted to capture the starry light being refracted onto my laptop keyboard as the sun from the window hit the circle of gems in my engagement ring. It took several attempts and some post process-tweaking to really accentuate the little pinpoints of light, as I was seeing it with my naked eye. There is a degree of tonal displacement that occurs when shooting even with a high-end camera such as the Fuji X100S, something I’ve been trying to make a note of and correct, if not on camera, then through editing software. I hadn’t noticed it before when shooting street, but close-up these things are glaringly obvious. I find they make a difference, because tonal quality is something that is very important to me. I will often like a shot purely for the colour palette of a composition and its exact tonal quality, so it irks me when there is a slight variation, even though no-one else would notice. Though of course that isn’t the point, the point is that it is the expression of my art that I’m trying to convey. The details that lend themselves to my particular style and flavour. That’s important.


Every shot tells a story. As the author, setting the scene is key, but how that story is then interpreted and lived is where the magic is unlocked, and the real story begins.

Ring in colour



8 thoughts on “Asteriation…

    1. Thank you Argie! I threw the colour one in for good measure, and also so I could show of the red ruby, and of course the diversity of the camera…
      But I agree, I like the B+Ws too.


    1. Thank you Joe! It’s always interesting to me to see the differing opinions I get on my shots. I suppose it all goes in and perhaps alters my photography in some small way, hopefully by way of improvement!
      I hold your opinion in high regard, because you are so clearly very good at what you do. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so much talent if I think about it. 🙂

      Have a great day Joe!


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