National Coffee Day…in the US that is…

National Coffee Day

Apparently my hubby tells me it’s national coffee day in the U.S., so to commemorate this rather wonderful day I’m posting a shot of my favourite espresso cup, the one my youngest son calls my America cup…and my favourite coffee pot.

I am rather a fan of coffee…and the colour red…

Red Coffee Pot

…a shot of the family…

Coffee Pot Family

6 thoughts on “National Coffee Day…in the US that is…

    1. Thank you love. I’m very pleased that I can finally use the macro feature as it was supposed to be used. It is a mighty fine camera that’s for sure.


  1. Yay! I’ve got ’em too — the big one, and the little one (but not a coloured one, bummer) and I love ’em both but mostly use the good ol’ French press ‘cos it’s more convenient (jury is still out on which makes the best coffee) …


    1. I used to use the press, but now that it’s just me I’ve gone back to using my stovetop cafetières. I’d not seen the coloured ones before either, but I happened upon a hardware shop in town back when I was shopping for the new house and saw the red one in just the right shade of poppy, of course I had to buy it. Unfortunately, the pour on it is diabolical, which goes to show you can’t judge a coffee pot by its colour. Perhaps I should fashion some horns for it. Still looks nice though.


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