Nasrid Palace


2 thoughts on “Hammam

    1. Thank you. Yes I love the Nasrid Palaces, very beautiful ornate spaces that you wish you could just spend an afternoon in, except you can’t, mores the pity.
      The camera was set at ISO 200, F/2, Exposure 1/30. I’d set it on the indoor light setting, as that seemed to pick up the actual tones of the place best, especially under the low light conditions. I have to say I experimented a lot with different White Balance settings, tweaking the ISO and wotnot. What I discovered was that you kinda have to tailor each shot specifically when shooting in low light like this, so it’s not easy to say that if you set your camera thus, that you will necessarily get good results in general. It requires a lot of patience from what I remember. It’s definitely challenging, especially if you have a lot of people milling about as there were.


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