WPC – Nighttime: Evening Stroll

Evening stroll


10 thoughts on “WPC – Nighttime: Evening Stroll

    1. This is a photograph in its purest form, no tweaking whatsoever. Therefore I gladly accept your compliment. Thank you. All I did was crop the image slightly as I don’t have a zoom lens.


        1. You are too kind sir. Every evening we would walk past this restaurant on the other side of the river, thinking that it would make a great shot, but unsure whether my camera could handle it. Then, we decided to go on a bit of a recce one evening to try out the Fujis at night, and luckily they hold up very well in such low light levels. I must say I took a fair number of shots just to find the right settings for this particular scene. It really captured my imagination too.

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        1. Could be. I think we tried going there during the day, but ended up in La Bella y La Bestia, where I had my potato tortilla sammich with fries, and fries.


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