The Dancer


The Dancer


The Bull


The Proud Dancer 2


The Toreador


The Proud Dancer


The Photographer:

Me shooting the dancer

*Image courtesy of Bill Jones


4 thoughts on “The Dancer

  1. I loved all your shots of this trio. I spent a lot of time going through them. (I forgot to tell you, however, in all the other excitement we’ve had.) I especially love the 2nd shot when the singer and guitarist both look at you simultaneously. She was quite an intense one, wasn’t she?


    1. That really means a lot that you did. It was really difficult to narrow them down to the best shots, but I just wanted to capture the flavour of the energy these brilliant artists were projecting. All in the zone, and yes the guitarist had a particularly intense stare, but again I think like the other two she was very focussed in what she was doing. She had that distant gaze that guitarists adopt when playing, even though she was looking straight at me in several of the shots.
      I shall have to check out the second one in the series. I hadn’t noticed the singer and guitarist looking at me.
      Thank you love.


  2. The dancer could even be very good—but until the guitar-lady learns to smile (or otherwise engage the audience) I’d say their income isn’t going to realise potential. Possibly in their own culture smiling during a serious business might not be apt, but we tourists don’t know that.

    (If I ever find some photos you’ve just reminded me of I’ll post them, a huge difference between performers.)


    1. I’d love to see them Argie.
      The dancer was quite spectacular, as was the singer. They really held the floor and captivated the audience. The young woman was a little sombre, but very focussed on playing very well. I got the impression that many of the performers that would turn out on this spot of an evening were students. They all seemed very young, and had an air about them that said, ‘student’, although they were all top performers in my mind.
      I took a great many shots of this trio, in fact I pretty much recorded the whole routine. I suppose I could have just taken a video instead….


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