Los Jardineros


While other visitors to the Generalife (the Sultana’s Palace) gardens were tutting and huffing at the gardeners who were obviously spoiling their once in a lifetime holiday shot of this most beautiful of courtyards, I on the other hand was enjoying the company and the interest that these very hard working chaps were creating in my own shots. I was imagining that back in the day when these wonderful palaces would have been occupied by the Moors, you probably would have seen the gardens busy with workers maintaining them. To me then, these guys were an echo of the those times, and I actually felt quite privileged to be witness to their sheer dedication and pride in keeping these treasures pruned, trimmed and weed free. Also because I once was a keen gardener, so I was very appreciative of all the hard work involved, just for my enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all the other ungrateful herberts surrounding me. Good job muchachos!


13 thoughts on “Los Jardineros

  1. Funny … just today in town I got some shots of a gardener at work in the rose garden at the park. And some advice, sadly I can’t get any of the special brew of fertiliser they use.
    I also like the artistry in those fountains, parabolic streams breaking into droplets; beautiful.


    1. Fermented nettles apparently make a very wholesome brew for plants. Mind you, not sure I’d want to collect them. Even with gloves on they still bite!


      1. It’s a long story and past my turning in time, but many years ago as a young NZ guy in Britain I’d never seen a stinging nettle. In the course of a hectic ‘battle’ on the river I fell out of the boat; swam to where the river looped around, climbed out, ran through some luxuriant green growth and hit the water the other side like a torpedo …


        1. Yikes! I hate the blasted things, however, they are the only thing that the Peacock Butterfly caterpillars feed on, so in that regard they are worth the eye and everything else-sore.


          1. ooh, ow! I know someone else who fell off a gate he was happily swinging on as a child, and straight into a dense patch of nettles. I can only imagine…and I’m so pleased I have never experienced such. Oh, I’ve been bitten by them plenty of times, but not quite like that!


        1. I have to say I was fairly indiscriminate about when and how I took my shots. If you want a shot you either go ahead and take it, or wait until you get what you want.


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