Saturday Afternoon at the Monument

So, I took the Nikon D300 out today as a test to see if I’d be keeping it or getting rid of it. I’d intended to take the D600, but picked up the wrong kit. Oh well, SSDC. My initial impression, after using exclusively the Fuji X20 for 3 months was “this is heavy gear.” I quickly got used to it, however, since I have fairly large hands and I keep it wrapped around my wrist for support (and security). After fumbling with knobs (I’d forgotten how to use the old bird!) I finally took some shots.

Yawn. I was also pretty annoyed at having to deal with spotting on the sensors too. Overall, I wasn’t impressed, except for the loveliness of having real through-the-viewfinder shooting. Decision made! That is, until I starting shooting at the Washington Monument. I guess I’ll be keeping at least one of the Nikons after all. Maybe I’ll give the other to Maria. They like Maria.

Anyway, here are my favorites from the Mall, all in a gallery, because I no longer have the inclination to post daily. Click on any shot to view the gallery of 23 photos.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon at the Monument

  1. A nice series, even with a camera that you didn’t intend to take with you. Maybe it’s my patriotism coming out but I do like the color images better than the b&w. It’s hard to battle that. Glad you got some good shots.


      1. Experimentation is good. I’m trying to convert more of my color to b&w. I need to learn more about contrast and be better about spotting color images that work best in b&w. I recently bowed to Adobe’s CC PS and Lightroom 5 combination. LR 5 allows to you to click on a button to switch from color to b&w. Very handy.
        I hope you enjoy your stay in DC.

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