Monkey-faced Lion

Monkey-faced Lion


29 thoughts on “Monkey-faced Lion

          1. She is a very resilient cat, a good hunter. Providing she is in good health, then she will be just fine.
            I talk about the concept of collective consciousness enough that I have to wonder if she knew that I was planning to emigrate soon. The last time she disappeared I went away and then moved house. Maybe it’s protest, or maybe she’s giving me the go ahead. No matter how I look at it, her timing is curious.


          2. The day before I returned the last time I was away, I had a dream where my cat had found me. She had patches of fur missing, and I knew she was telling me that she was really ill. The following day I was informed that she had gone missing. When she finally appeared a couple of weeks later, she looked exactly as she had in my dream, and she wasn’t well at all.
            She used to communicate with me like that all the time. Very quiet for a cat, never meowed at all. But she would appear in my dreams standing on my chest looking very insistent. It would wake me up, with me half expecting my cat to actually be standing on me. However, I soon learned after years of this happening that it usually meant she was on the other side of the bedroom window, waiting for me to get up and let her in.
            This time though, I don’t feel her around at all.


          3. I do hope you’re right. All I can wish for is that she’s happy and well. She has a veritable larder of goodies right on the doorstep, lots of fields and woods.


  1. Damn. I’ve now seen oodles of other things, but possibly only perhaps your MFL.

    No, don’t tell me (yet), I’ll come back later when fresh. (I also have a helluva problem with those multi-coloured blob books …)


    1. Okaaaaay … possibly; but there’s a Playboy Bunny, fluffy dog howling at the moon, lamb and rabbit jumping about under a tree … nice bricks, too …


      1. They were very nice bricks actually. Of course you do realise that now I’m going to be staring at this shot, possibly for a while trying to find all the other weird and wonderful things and creatures that you claim to be able to see.


    1. Ye gods man! Personally I think that my brain is just wired to see faces in things. Except for me they usually tend to be photographically realistic faces of people, some of whom I have sketched in the past (you may have seen some of them on my other blog
      The MFL in this shot is just fun, and quite apt considering there are a lot of MFL statues dotted about the complex of the Alhambra Palace, to which this detail shown above was of the upper part of the main entrance watch-tower. Almost like the Moorish architects had subconsciously foreseen their eventual fate and downfall to the Christian invaders some centuries later. Irony is a bitch.

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