La Eraclea

La Eraclea

I’m making up for my absence this week with lots of shots today. Of my photo collections, my shots of Venice this year are probably the ones I have played around with the most, not because I was unhappy with the originals, but because moody skies and waters make for good HDR compositions. It’s great fun turning art into different art, and thus creating something that appeals to the synaesthete in me, very important!
There is sort of a nautical theme in my shots today, it’s a loose sort of, inasmuch as liquid is involved in each one, in some way…


4 thoughts on “La Eraclea

  1. I’ll admit it — after due consideration, generally I don’t over much like HDR, it seems unnatural. But yours have a delightful quirky ‘art’ to them that appeals. I like it~!


    1. I agree that there is a time and a place for HDR, and on occasion it takes my fancy, particularly as an adjunct to other tweaks to contrast and wot not. I am however very appreciative of your kind loveliness when it comes to my attempts at creating artified art. Gives me something to do for an hour when all else is put on the back-burner.


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