Crane at Sabioni

I am still without my camera or my cat Gwynnie. My lovely Fuji X100S was returned to me pretty hastily from the Fujifilm repair shop with a note attached claiming that it was in full working order. Sadly, that was true for a mere few minutes before the same problem began occurring again, resulting in not being able to take any shots at all. Disappointed I filed another repair request and sent it back to the repair centre with a terse letter attached asking them to do a proper diagnostic test this time and, that if they couldn’t repair my camera, then they should replace it and make it snappy! (No pun intended). Luckily it’s still within warranty, however it is a real nuisance that I’ve been having so much difficulty with it since I got it last Christmas.

As for my lovely little moggie Guinevere, I believe she must be on her own travels. I’ve seen hide nor hair of her since last weekend, most unlike her. All I can hope for is a postcard perhaps…

With all the trials and tribulations of late, I’ve decided that once I get my camera back in full working order I am going to treat myself to a photo weekend in Berlin. I once lived there many moons ago, but was unfortunate enough not to have the use of a camera, so I never recorded my time there. My hope is that I will be able to return soon and perhaps try to capture some of the essence of the Berlin I knew and loved, just five years after the wall came down. I would imagine it has completely changed in that time. In fact, I was there for an extended weekend back in 2004 and, it was already very different than I remembered. Lots of new buildings in spaces that at the time of my residency were muddy expanses full of cranes and dormant building equipment. It should be a fascinating experience full of nostalgia.

Have a great day all!

Bess x


7 thoughts on “Missing…

    1. She was neutered as a young cat. She’s 10 now, but on new territory since I moved house. It was her first time out, so I’m guessing she’s lost her way. It’s been a week now. I don’t think she’ll be coming back. 😦


        1. I hope you’re right, I already lost her once for two and a half weeks before I moved. She returned one afternoon emaciated, and with patches of fur missing all over. She had been convalescing at my new house, and had been out a couple of times, although hadn’t stayed far. This time she bolted out the back door and disappeared. She hasn’t returned since. She hasn’t been microchipped, so she will be regarded as a stray if she’s found. I know when she’s gone for more than 24 hours, then something’s up. I am bereft.


  1. The literature is filled with tales of cats going ‘home’ after a move. ‘The Incredible Journey’ is based on such, fiction but I enjoyed it (book, I saw but don’t remember the movie). Good luck.


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