I love taking sets of photos that seemingly have a dialogue with one another. For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I picked two pairs that dialogue both with each other, and show an unspoken dialogue between art and patron.

My problem is that I don’t know how to present them. Should it be by mood, with the seriousness of the sunglasses wearers meeting each others’ eyes contrastred with the whimsy of the second pair? Louis Armstrong is clearly amused by the silliness of his mural counterpart on behalf of the unsuspecting pedestrians, and the security grates pull the second pair of photos together.

*The two bottom murals were painted by El Nino de las Pinturas, Raúl Ruiz.

Dialogue1 Dialogue2


Or perhaps I should pair them by tonal values, Louis’s and Martin’s greys matching each other, and the warm earth tones of the Spanish buildings complementing one another. I think I prefer the top pairings, as the tones form pleasing diagonals. What do you think?

Dialogue3 Dialogue4



At the suggestion of another photographer, Tim Allen, I’ve posted the following sequence. I like it! Thanks, Tim.




22 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. If they were presented in a gallery I would hang them in the following order, 1. Armstrong, 2. Woman Walking, 3. MLK, 4. Mural. The reason for this is that Armstrong would be looking at the women walking, the woman walking counter poses the man on the left side of the MLK photo, and the blues in the mural image picks up the blue in the MLK photo. If I had these on a wall in front of me and I could move them around this sequence might change. Either way, the images are strong with the MLK being the stingiest for me. I like the composition and has a strong narrative quality of it. I hope you have a chance to install these.


  2. I like the vertical tonal arrangement too. It’s pleasing to the eye for a number of reasons, in part because we are used to reading from left to right, so black and white into colour seems like a natural progression. Similar techniques are used in advertising to help draw the viewer’s eye. Personally I would have swapped the bottom with the top pair, as the point of focus in the lower pair creates the pinnacle of a triangle when all shots are arranged together.


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