Because some shit head posted my photos on their shitty website, I will be posting no more travel photos on this blog, ever. If you’ve followed me because you like them, sorry. You can unfollow me now.


10 thoughts on “Notice

  1. sorry to hear that Bill…as yes, I followed you because your photos are awesome, and I’ve learned so much from you/them! you have to do what you feel is best for you…take care!


  2. Oh Bill I’m sooooo sorry! I had pieces of original art (watercolours) stolen from a gallery once and was heartbroken! I’m so often seeing sites and fb pages using images that are clearly not their own. It does make me cross. I sometimes think about creating a larger watermark for my images to deter thieves. Could you maybe do that? Also, have you looked into what action you can take against this individual for copyright theft? Don’t leave us though! You’d be missed.


    1. Sarah, thanks for your kind words. I could create a larger watermark, but I won’t do that. I only post some of my photos because I enjoy the interaction with others. If people are going to grab the smaller versions of shots I post to use on their websites, I’d rather just not post at all. To me, posting art and then slapping an ugly label across it just defeats the purpose.

      I’ve reached the point where it’s not fun anymore, so I’m asking myself, “Why bother?” I’m not sure I have a good answer.

      I have over 700 photos from Spain I think are worth sharing, but now I just share them with my partner. I’m sure I’ll post other stuff, just none of the work that’s probably worth viewing.


      1. I do understand what you mean about watermarks! It’s what holds me back from making mine more complex and further into the image. I have seen a few people manage to do it quite tastefully though, including Leanne Cole. Perhaps you need to take some time-out from the blogs and de-stress for a while!


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