How to Earn 5 Stars

While in Littlehampton, near the juncture of the River Arun and the English Channel in West Sussex, England, we stayed a couple of nights at the Leeside Bed and Breakfast, a lovely little place within walking distance to the beach. (Well, almost everything there is.) After a disastrous stay in another B&B not to be named, we were delighted at the “at home” accommodations of Leeside. It was run by a lovely couple who made us feel welcome right away via coffee and biscuits as soon as we arrived.

The place was nice enough, with a lovely English garden view from the breakfast room, with clean guest quarters in pastel colours. Ours was green, the next room yellow, and the passageway a peaceful rose.


But what earned them that last star, the coveted 5th one I never give was this:

Somehow, when we were out, Ms. Bear here got a hold of Maria’s hat and was luxuriating in it while watching the television. Surely the place deserved a 5th star for making us feel at home.


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