The Lady in the Hat

I’m back after a two-week holiday in Europe. I’ve only begun to process the 3,775 photos and 5 videos I shot, but here are the 1st 3, chosen almost at random. Obviously, I’ll be posting more in days weeks years to come. This is my love and her new hat, taken on the streets of Granada, Spain. She has a killer profile, does she not?

1-DSCF5903 1-DSCF5905 1-DSCF5906Unlike previous trips, I didn’t take an SLR or DSLR. All of my photos were shot with my Fujifilm X20. It was a great test of what the little girl is capable of, and not. Because I’m exhausted, these shots are straight out of the camera. The Fuji does quite well in normal lighting–less so in low light.

Hay mucho más por venir.


3 thoughts on “The Lady in the Hat

      1. Just read that you were over in Littlehampton? Hope you had fun! I will catch up one day with you and we can share a beer!
        Thanks Bill for your comment


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