The Unfolding of Venice

Piazzale Roma

This view of the city of Venice is very special. If you come by air and get the shuttle bus that takes you to Piazzale Roma on the mainland, the Grand Canal and the quintessential Venice that everybody thinks of, although just metres away, lies hidden from view. Then as you cross the huge modern bridge made of metal, glass, and concrete that spans the top end of the Grand Canal connecting the mainland to the island, you are greeted with the wondrous view above. It sort of takes your breath away. I always cross that bridge with a stupid grin across my face like I’ve won first prize in a contest.


8 thoughts on “The Unfolding of Venice

  1. Is that HDR? I have to ask as I’ve never dabbled … but it looks like fun in what I’ve seen of it.

    What did that author say— “Men Are From Mars, Women From Venice” — ?


    1. Hello Argie. Yes, it is HDR. I wasn’t keen to begin with, but once I had a play myself I discovered it was a lot of fun. Truly stunning affects can be achieved as you well know with a little tweakery.
      I wish I were from Venice…


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