Original image copyright Maria Phillips a.k.a Bess X Jones 2014

One of the lesser used selective colour filters on my camera is the purple. However, when I come across the right shade of purple, like with these nasturtiums outside one of the many little glass shops on the island of Murano, I can’t resist testing it out. I was really pleased with the result, and just so you know this is unedited, which is what I try to achieve when I shoot these days. I find it’s more of a challenge to take the time to think about and compose the shot, than knowing I can boost it later during processing (not that there is anything wrong with that at all, it isn’t cheating, it’s just another artistic medium). For me anyway, most of the fun in producing the shot is in the shoot itself.
I asked my son to smell the flowers as their scent is quite heady and aromatic, like cloves so my dad used to tell me. He was right. My son’s response was the same as always when he smells flowers: “It smells buttery.” – confused frown on my face.


5 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Oh, wow~! (Jelly-jelly-jelly …)

    I’ve always tried to just compose the shot and use it as is/where is.
    Lately I’ve been enhancing with iPhoto, and if I ever get the hang of the lovely PE 11 The Spouse bought me I’ll be right into that too.
    Then I’ll start using RAW.

    I used to consider tweaking as cheating, and then someone pointed out that’s it’s actually creativity on an almost blank canvas (thus entirely legal and moral) and all the past greats used to do it, even in the days of plate cameras and mobile darkrooms on horse-drawn wagons. Not, mind you, that I never genuinely admire the work of other people; art is art.

    And that one rings my bell~!!!


    1. That was a wise person who gave you that little morsel of insight into proper artistic practise… she was quite right. I should remember to take a leaf out of her book some time. 🙂
      I’m glad you like the shot Argie, you would love my camera, it’s proper old school with all the modern bells and whistles. The selective colour filter is unique to this camera too, so no need for hours of faffing about with software to recolour the shot afterwards.
      You mention RAW, but I haven’t really looked into that yet, I am clueless despite it being one of the features of my camera, and I have software too that I haven’t uploaded yet due to a lack of disc space. In fact you probably know more about it than I.


  2. Funny … it displays bigger in this theme than if you click on the snap itself, which here links to a smaller version. On my own theme (Rosco or whatever it’s called) it’s the other way around—clicking the displayed snap takes you to a larger image. We live and learn …


    1. I uploaded the shot full-size, so you should be able to click on it further and enlarge it to its fullest potential…


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