I call it Deathrow, because I hate it, but it’s probably not that bad as airports go. Naw, I’m lying. It is. But it’s infinitely better than Washington Dulles, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. In the DC area, we have 3 airports, but Dulles I won’t fly in or out of … full stop.

7 thoughts on “Heathrow

  1. ha – I like that name for the airport – and DIA is pretty bad too – in Denver – and there are some Other names that came fro the DIA acronym -because it was built with so many flaws and so far away from the city – and it is hard to get around – it is my least favorite airport – even to Dulles – and I was only at Heathrow in the 80’s so I do not recall any of it.. but great shot of the lanes – love the lines….


    1. I hate flying to Denver because there’s always bad weather. Snow in the winter and thunderstorms in the summer. Dulles is horrendous and traffic is worse. I used to travel to Chicago monthly, and it would take longer to drive from the airport (10 miles due south of me) than it did to fly from Chicago.


      1. Nope, it isn’t. People just don’t understand how bad Dulles is until they have been there. No amount of warning can be a deterrent until it is too late!


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