The Simple Window

Hotel Window Lido

Through the simple window
Lies a complex world,
Its tapestry rich
With colour and life.
Through the simple window,
The scene is set,
And with each day,
The play begins anew.


18 thoughts on “The Simple Window

  1. Nice shot … but is it really necessary to desecrate a work of art with that copyright notice? Can’t you discard it, or at least make it more subtle?
    My understanding (at least by NZ law) is that anything you create is automatically copyrightโ€”and if you post it here you’ll have an undeniable ‘date/time’ stamp on it anyway.

    I remember from years ago that Anne Frank had only a window and the ever changing skies; we have it rich ourselvesโ€”we get to see grass and stuffs too. Makes yer fink …


    1. I completely agree Argie my lovely friend. However, the laws have changed recently regarding copyright of images published on the internet. That being, that you will not have a leg to stand on if someone so chooses to steal and use your shot, especially as many pieces of software do these days, they strip all meta-data from the image. So, the advice from pro-photographers has been to place a watermark on the image itself. I don’t like doing it, but having recently noticed a shot used locally that looked exactly like one of mine, I have become a little more wary.


      1. Imitation is the only sincere flattery, they say … I’d be flattered.
        But I can’t imagine anyone being so desperate as to sink to my level so I guess I’m fairly safe. (I hope whoever it was that stole your efforts is now covered in warts …)


      2. And I’d be tempted to illustrate the ‘similarity’ in a subsequent posting of my own (complete with names and addresses) with unsubtle oblique references to ‘coincidence’ etc.

        Good luck!


    2. Legally a copyright notice in situ would suffice, you are correct in that. But these days, nobody cares. Maybe I shouldn’t either and, go back to posting shots without watermarks?


      1. As The Sage sometimes saysโ€””If it feels good and none get hurt, do it” … for myself I don’t bother. (I can’t imagine anyone wanting to steal my stuff anyway, if they’re that desperate they have a real problem.)


        1. Funny you should appear right now my dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚
          Hoping you are well.
          I agree with The Sage, and he’s answered the question that has been rattling around my cranium for a short while. Tell him thanks.


      2. I try not to invoke the crusty old bugger … but next time he’s diverting the flow of mine coffee I’ll tell him. Actually I think he already knowsโ€”he’s a somewhat sagacious Sage sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚


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