The Woman by the Canal

Woman and gondola at Santa Lucia

The Fuji X100S is a retro-style fully digital camera with full manual controls. It does not have a zoom, no, that is something you have to purchase as a separate attachment, much like you used to with the pre-digital cameras. However, due to the incredibly high-resolution and the quality of the shots, it makes it quite possible to zoom and crop shots as part of the post-processing. When shooting, you are faced with two choices: you either reposition yourself so that you are closer to your intended subject, or as in the shot above, you set your focus on the subject and take the shot with the intention of cropping later. As far as I’m concerned you have the possibility of multiple shots from one capture. I like that.

The original shot can be seen here, posted yesterday.


2 thoughts on “The Woman by the Canal

    1. She appeared in my shot and I thought she looked beautiful. She was with her boyfriend/husband, and I thought they were very sweet together. They made my shot 🙂


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