Bill’s Favorites

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.00.53 AM
For good or bad, I’ve begun to pull my photographic portfolio together. I use this blog to post shots I’ve taken, some of which I love and others I’m more indifferent about. Someone suggested that I should do a site or a page of just my favorites, and I thought that an intriguing idea. The truth is I had no idea which ones were my favorites.

So, I pulled together my photography site, and as I post, I simply designate with a click whether the shot should become one my of favorites or not. I thought I’d share the link for any of you who’s interested. I’m finding it fascinating to learn what I respond to in my own work and what I don’t. Maybe this exercise will lead to my improving a bit.

The link is below. If the slideshow doesn’t start automagically, just click the right arrow near the bottom of the screen.

Bill’s Favorites.

Muchas thankias.


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