Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

Hotel Room

There is always a room we return to when the day is done, or if rest stops are needed, whether we are home or away. When away a hotel room becomes temporary home, the familiar and familial hub around which everything else revolves. As the light fills the room, that light is refracted and reflected on the numerous surfaces that furnish it and give it life, and the room is seemingly repeated and amplified, and given new dimensions and character. Though the room is only partially captured through the lens of the camera, the other surfaces translate yet other facets and views, in different tones and contrasts.

If you wish to participate in this week’s photo challenge click here!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

  1. Yay! You caught a human being human, great shot. I’ve often wished for a totally invisible yet capable camera, too often the lighting and everything else is perfect in cafés and such but people stiffen up when they see a camera. And I always feel as if I’d be intruding … no good as a street photographer.

    Bummer, back to cats …


    1. Ah, you see, this is where my phone camera comes in. You can shoot in total silence, and as everyone has one of these blasted things nowadays, nobody bats an eyelid if you snap away at them, too engrossed in their own self-snapping as they are. As for the super-duper camera that I have, I often pretend that I’m looking through my own shots, or adjusting settings, while surreptitiously shooting my target…uh…I mean subject!
      But yes, one does have to be quite brazen about it.

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