The Grand Canal, Turnerised

The Grand Canal Turnerised


12 thoughts on “The Grand Canal, Turnerised

  1. (I had to refresh twice before I got my ‘like’ button.) I love the effect … won’t ask how you did it, I’ll just enjoy~!


    1. I’ve stopped using iPhoto, as having a MacBook all my big shots soon filled up the disk-space, so I tend to edit my shots through Google’s Picasaweb which has all sorts of enhancement features on it. Just fiddled and tweaked with the colour and contrast a bit. Glad you like it! 🙂
      How’s the Photoshop Elements coming along?


      1. Eeeeeeek~!

        But very gradually getting there.
        Most of the lingo used by anyone writing ‘manuals’ (or other helpful stuff) consists almost entirely of acronyms … “To put the cloud into picture, hit the CRS twice and drag the OMG across the MRS to the REF to the PAPL4 making sure the ZZ keys are eflufflated; but not if HDR is in RAW mode with pixellations-3 ensconced at least twice …

        The most helpful comes from you-tube—but on my slow broadband I get to guzzle lots of coffee; and take copious notes with many refreshes. Old dog, new tricks …


        1. I still spell everything out in the phonetic alphabet when I’m on the phone. Once burned on to already burnt brain-cells these things tend to stay put. It’s funny how irritation is a very effective method of laying down neural pathways, all that trial and error business. I did look at purchasing myself a copy of Photoshop Elements but realised that the free software kind of did what I needed it to. Not sure I’d have the patience to sit and learn it, too much to do and too much coffee to drink in between while I write and post shots.


          1. Writing … you’ve just reminded me, that’s what it’s all about and everything else is digression. Bummer …


          2. Getting sidetracked is my biggest problem once I’m sat at the Mac. Too many distractions! Not you though, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you.


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