Original image copyright Maria Phillips a.k.a Bess X Jones 2014

Recharging means something completely different to me and my kids. For me it means taking the weight off my aching feet and enjoying a well-earned coffee. For them it has something to do with their gaming-gizmos, and when you only have one charger between you it can cause no end of consternation!
So while I enjoyed my cappuccino, my eldest two took the opportunity to catch up with valuable gaming time. It also gave me an excuse to play around with my camera some more. Still learning the ropes!


7 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. Love this shot~! Not only has it got coffee, it’s beautifully cropped, nice and tight and explanational in itself. (Oh gods, now I’m sounding as pretentious as some of the guff I’ve been reading lately. (Contagious?)

    But it’s true about the shot. I love it!

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    1. Thank you my lovely friend. I don’t think I altered this shot at all. I was pleased with the result as it was one of the first experimentations with taking indoor shots in low light levels with the Fuji. I really went all out to experiment with what my camera could do on that trip.


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