Nexte stop: San Marco

To me this shot looks like a piece of avant-garde street theatre, with the actors of this skit frozen as if purposely imitating a photograph. Perhaps it is the clarity of the shot itself that affords this illusion, and the fact that there is no evidence of blurring that gives away the sense of obvious movement that is almost continuous in St.Marc’s Square. Street photography has become a favourite pastime of mine in the last year especially. People fascinate me, as does the ‘apparent’ mundane, ordinariness of daily life. All people are equal to me in my eyes, and is something I aim to convey through the lens of my camera. Everyone deserves to be recognised and celebrated, even if seemingly just for a fleeting moment. Despite that I don’t know the people in my shot, they have nevertheless participated in the important performance of life, and I was lucky enough to be there as audience and witness.

The Carabinieri, or Italian police were particularly difficult to shoot, despite my repeated attempts, as they were a very specific target that seldom appeared and who soon merged with the crowds to disappear completely. I had to settle with a shot of them walking away, still I like the shot.


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