Weekly Photo Challenge – On The Move

Fisterra Bay 1999

This is Fisterra Bay in Galicia, translated as ‘The End of the World’, so named by the Romans as it was the western most point of Northern Spain. Beyond lies the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been looking through old photos of when at the age of 25 I walked across the north of Spain, completing my pilgrimage after 29 days of being almost constantly on the move. Some 750 miles later, I reached the end of the world and the end of my epic journey just as the sun was beginning to set. Just enough light left to take a few last shots, and capture that momentous occasion with the group of friends that I had got to know and love, the last few that is that decided to continue walking with me after we had reached Santiago de Compostela, the traditional destination point of the Saint James Pilgrimage. Fisterra as I discovered was the true end, as the bones of Saint James had apparently always been there, and not under the auspices of Santiago Cathedral! Not that it mattered to me very much, but the challenge had been set and I would see it to completion, because I’m that kind of a person 🙂

I can’t remember what camera I had been using at the time, but it was a little point and shoot that at the time took great shots, back in the day when celluloid film was still in use.

That’s me in the red at the front with the walking stick (of course…)

Me and The Final Group at Fisterra

Sunset at Fisterra 1999

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