Eye Contact

I took the Fujifilm X20 out for a solo run at street photography in Washington, D.C. I’d taken it out previously as a 2nd camera, for casual shots during my daily walks, or when walking on photo shoots with others. However, this was my 1st extensive solo effort, wherein I attempted to get the most out of the camera I could. My objective, other than occupying my mind and getting in 6 miles or so, was to see how the quality of shots stood up when compared to my Nikon D300 or D600.

The verdict? This baby shoots as well and is way more flexible. In fact, the single downside is that I hate shooting with an LED, but even that is an asset, as few people who looked at me seemed to think I was shooting “pro.” With the Nikons, people do react differently. The bottom line is I’ll probably be selling the Nikons and will pick up another Fuji and maybe a Leica (down the road).

Big cameras are dead. Long live small and awesome.


This was one of the few shot I converted to HDR, and then only because the camera was off, and–like with most non-SLRs–startup time is a few seconds. This can be remedied for a few bucks, by strapping on an inexpensive UV filter (to protect the lens) and spending $10 or so for a backup battery or two, and just leaving the camera on. I don’t.

Here, I had about 2 seconds to spot the man and snap the shot. It was a tad underexposed, but tone-mapping brought out the details. Their “eye contact” was mostly good fortune, to be honest.


5 thoughts on “Eye Contact

  1. what a great photo!!! I find the one draw back with my Nikon D3100 is it is heavy…I have a side strap that makes it easier to take when walking but even then 1.5 hrs and I’ve had enough carrying it.


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