My Beating Heart

My beating heart,

Ruby Red,

Engagement ring

My heart is yours
Wear it proud,
My Ruby Red,
Until the end


17 thoughts on “My Beating Heart

  1. What a stunning captured indeed Bess. Great contrast and depth of field. I also love the poem. You are such a romantic. 😀


          1. Yeah, you better watch it. I will tell Bill to give you a real good spanking. 😛

            ♥ Hugs ♥


          2. If I’d been drinking coffee it would have gone everywhere!!!
            Don’t tell Bill otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it… actually… 😉

            Hugs back!


          3. Bwhahahahah!

            I am sure he is lurking around somewhere as I know he never goes too far away from his lovely lady. 😛


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