Getting the shot

One of my favorite things about shooting with a partner is seeing the contrasts and similarities. On this particular day, we were quite in synch, often shooting the same things, in surprisingly similar ways. Other times, we are wandering around looking at completely different things. I suspect our harmony this day was due in part to our using our similar Fujis.

In any case, I was pleased to see her “Fallen Heroes” post, and particularly of the can of Chef Boyardee ravioli, which I presume was someone’s favorite. I saw her, grabbed a couple of quick shots, then fell to my knees and leaned back to get one more. The elderly Korean War vet gave me quite the look, presumably because I’m pretty agile for an old guy my size (when I’m shooting).


After this, I stood up, changed the setting, and saw this kid in a blue hoodie and started snapping. So did she, from the side. Check out her photo, and then mine from the rear view.

5 thoughts on “Getting the shot

      1. You’re welcome and I don’t blame you at all. She is a gorgeous lady inside and out and I am glad she has you in her life. I can see she is very happy and loved. 😀


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