Daisy, Daisy… No Bicycle

Daisy, Daisy... No Bicycle


7 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy… No Bicycle

  1. And no ‘like’ button for me to press. This happens sometimes and I’m damned if I know why …

    (I’ve now just run a ‘command-f’ search, it told me four matches but highlighted only one of them—the ‘like’ in this comment. Weird.)


    1. Funny too, because I tried to comment on your blog re your response to the snail racing, but was unable to. Nothing happened, despite how many times I hit refresh in the browser bar. Perhaps WP is going through one of its funny turns. Happens periodically, everything goes a little bit haywire.


        1. I agree, I can’t abide Mavericks, very unpleasant to work with most of the time. That and iCloud. Who knows what’s causing the glitchiness lately. I’m sure it’ll pass.


    1. And disappeared when I posted my second comment. (It seems to toggle, then. It’s back now and showing four likes.)


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