In the Summertime – (Daily Prompt)

Cannaregio, Grand Canal, Venice


I crave the summer heat, the warming glow of the fireball in the sky that in it’s closeness reminds me that I am whole, complete, and replete with the tools to be happy. I love that my skin darkens a shade or two, that I look healthy and feel vigorous, vital and as though the world is my oyster shell.

I have missed the summer and her friendship. Her insistence on minimal layers allowing my skin to breathe, to feel the breezes sweep through me clearing out the old and cluttered, confined and hidden from her light. Her light contrasts, sharp and defined cut the landscape into puzzles, beautiful and precise patterns that yield to the lens of my camera like two people in love, full of passion and artistry, of self-expression and desire to share.

If it could be summer all year round, I wouldn’t mind. The cold makes me tired and grumpy, and only half the person that I know I am. Maybe I’ll go chase the summer, like some people chase storms; that’ll be my next goal in life. Live in permanent sunshine and heat. Goodbye winter, so long…




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