Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s challenge, threshold, can be taken literally or figuratively. Here, a couple crosses the threshold of their new home into another stage of their lives. It is a duality, as transitions often are. They take a physical step, but an even bigger metaphorical one. It is a duality not lost on the Hindu religion, from which this ceremony is taken.

Perhaps it is a fitting re-entry into the blogging world. I may be handling things differently, and almost certainly were, as 80-to-90-hour weeks were untenable, but it is a start. I am on a new threshold, of what, it is uncertain, but I can feel the change and welcome it.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. now I really wonder how you were able to get that photo! you do not have to tell your secrets- lol – but when I see a shot like that I wonder if the couple was asked to back up and maybe walk in again – or if someone was snapping frame after frame – or eel…. so curious. and it is very cool – with the hands showing gifts – the socks off – and the coloring is so good – like in the box on the right – and then the dress and sash on the left. (can you tell I really enjoyed this shot?)
    lastly, hope you find your blogging balance! 🙂


    1. Yvette, I knew they were going to cross the threshold, and wanted to capture a photo for posterity, so I got in position, and snapped 3 quick frames as they walked normal speed.

      I didn’t want to disrupt their energy, so the most I was willing to do was ask them to wait until I was in position.


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