Just Like a Movie

Press Play…

Washington Central



9 thoughts on “Just Like a Movie

    1. Thank you Viveka. It’s a fantastic building, very impressive even though it always has homeless people sleeping outside the entrance. It’s a clothes store I believe, but the Washington Metro also runs beneath it, so the homeless people sleep on top of the grate where it’s warm.


  1. I took a shot from this same place once, at night, and it glimmers with completely different energy. Even in the starkness, there’s hope, because these people have found a safe haven for the night. Your choice of music is perfect; it fits both the photo, and knowing the “wheres” of this place, it fits the surroundings as well.


    1. It’s a fabulous building. But the cultural juxtapositions that it speaks of are very much a part of its character, and also epitomises the cultural and social dualities that exists within any city, between rich and poor, the beautiful and the ugly, and because of that balance, the neutrality that actually exists between them depending on whose lens you view that world through. In part that’s what photography does, it presents the neutral view.
      Thank you love, I appreciate your comments.


      1. You’re right about the neutrality. I think that’s what gives photography it’s power. It’s painted in neutral emotional hues, allowing the viewer to add their own emotional colors.


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