Born to be With You – “Bess you is my woman now.” (Daily Prompt)

Dinner for two


There is someone whom I love with all my heart, my every single fibre. That man is the man that was born to be my husband, the one and only man I would ever marry. When I am with him he completes me, and when I am not I feel lost. I heard recently that the heart does not beat just for the individual but for all whom that person holds dear to them. Like a symbiotic connection comprising a family of souls of all those people that have held an extra special place in your heart, and have still to fill it if you haven’t found the One. I don’t believe in just one soul mate, but soul mates that share your life, throughout stages of your life, those people that change something within you on a fundamental level, those people that keep your heart alive and searching for that true connection if their’s should fail.

I have never wanted to marry anyone so much as I have my husband. He is my heart, and I love him more than I have words to describe. And how did I know he was the One? The Universe has a funny way about it you see, it tends to make such things quite clear if you are prepared to look. The heart’s desire cannot stay quiet or hidden for long. I have been truly blessed.

Blessed Bess.



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19 thoughts on “Born to be With You – “Bess you is my woman now.” (Daily Prompt)

  1. The photo and the words are beautiful, they made me smile. I believe in different soul mates too, for different stages – and parts – of your life. My best friend is my soul mate – I managed to find a good friend and develop a mutual unconditional love and trust which I haven’t been able to replicate with anyone else so far. You are very lucky to find a partner that’s your soul mate and he’s very lucky too!


    1. Thank you for your loveliness. It took me a long time to realise that there was more than just one soul mate, how sad would I have been had I given up looking all those years ago? I think it’s a precious thing indeed when you find someone like that in your life, I waited a long time for Bill, years in fact. I knew he was coming, just wasn’t sure when exactly. You too are very lucky to have such a close friend. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and appreciate what I do, it means a lot.


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