In the Dark for Good (or Bad)


Sometimes, you come up missing. Swing for the fences; do your best, and try as you might, it just isn’t enough. I find that I’ve failed and I’ve run out of energy to keep trying.

Here’s me, being an old git, giving up. Love to you for being here a while.


6 thoughts on “In the Dark for Good (or Bad)

  1. There’s no failing. Only learning. Giving up and going back should never enter into the equation. There should only be going forward and learning with each step. If you believe you’ve failed then you’ve learned something to create that belief, in which case the failure hasn’t occurred.


    1. Carissa, thanks. I think I’ll be back. I’ve just gotten burnt out and needed a break. Plus, people seem to be spending less time on WordPress. Maybe I need to take a cue from them.


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