Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside – The Colourist

Composition of a shot is everything, however, being a synaesthete the overall balance of colour, patterning, tone and depth is what captures my imagination no matter what I’m shooting. Some shots take my breath away, even if it is just a window display showcasing colourful teapots. Sometimes the teapot is not what makes the tea, or the experience of drinking the tea special. If you get what I mean…

Window display Frederick

If you wish to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge and would like more information on how to take part click here!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside – The Colourist

  1. Hey Bess, I have one of those terracotta coloured metal Teapots ( same as one on the left of your window)…..I make my morning green tea in it….such a soothing ritual.
    What a gorgeous looking window display.


    1. Hi GreenMackenzie! How wonderful! It is a beautiful display I agree, and one of my favourite photos. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment, it’s much appreciated. Have a great day!


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