The Street Photographer

I like to shoot in black and white, in fact my camera the Fujifilm X100S, and its little brother the X20 has a great little feature that enhances a singular colour while keeping the rest of the shot monochrome. I love this feature and have been using it a lot lately in my aim to learn how to use my new camera better. The shots I’m featuring here however, have only picked up a smattering of colour, although as B+W shots I’m pleased with them. If anything these shots prove that this great little retro-style camera can handle movement relatively well as all these shots were taken through the window of a moving car.

My husband calls me a street photographer, which I kind of like as before I met him I would make sure that my shots were generally people free, unless they were in the distance, being that I have a penchant for snapping architecture mainly. I guess being around him with his years of experience has changed the way I shoot, and I’m ever grateful that he has helped develop my skills and my passion for photography.


Speak now, or forever hold your piece. (Ew)

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