Not that I’m anti-Easter…

The impartiality of the camera lens is what makes a photographic composition art in many ways. In the same way that the motives of a painter or sculptor aren’t always obvious, the controversial can become a platform to instigate new types of conversation. Often art has been used as a political, and thus social tool that can help broach subjects that some may have difficulty discussing.

Death is a normal part of life, taking shots of road-kill may seem unsavoury to some, and to be honest it isn’t something I am in the habit of doing. I have a friend of a friend who does though. Does it make it ok? Well, that’s a matter of personal opinion. I’m not posting it here because I wish to offend or shock, not at all, in fact it was about exploring my own sense of repulsion and moment of sadness at seeing such a cute fluffy creature altered beyond its stereotypical guise, as I took a stroll through a local farm with camera in hand. The alteration of reality as life passes into a different plane of existence is what I was attempting to capture.

R.I.P. bunny. But I still like the shot.

Roadkill Bunny

I used a red/monochrome filter to enhance the image.

Roadkill Bunny Closeup


Speak now, or forever hold your piece. (Ew)

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