Chinatown in HDR – 2

Here are more of my favorite Chinatown, Washington, DC shots.


14 thoughts on “Chinatown in HDR – 2

    1. For some of these, I’m creating a sort of “false” HDR, from a single frame. But even when I have a moving subject and 3 frames, it creates sort of a multiple exposure shot, with the person moving through the frame. The link below is an example of a 3-shot HDR image with a moving subject.


      1. I think we should talk about « tone mapping » in this case. This the button you clic in Luminance. And yes it gives an HDR look. Because the real reason to talk about « HDR » it’s when there is at least 3 frames. Have a good day!


        1. Tonemapping is a process (one of two) to convert a HDR into a LDR image for viewing on screen or printing but it can also be applied to a LDR image to alter the local contrast or achieve a special effect.

          Generally speaking there are 3 options:

          LDR–|–> HDR image file –> tonemapping process –> LDR final image

          LDR–|–> exposure merge process –> LDR final image

          LDR(often raw image) –> pseudo-HDR–> tonemapping process –> LDR final image

          In practical terms, they are the same thing. Some of my shots are created from a single image, and others from 3 or more. In fact, I have some single image shot from which I created different exposures and then merged.

          None of them looks any different than the others, because once the 3 images are merged, the software does the same process as it would have with a single, properly exposed image.


          1. Yes sure. but you have the exactly right exposure for each part of the scene when you take a 3 frames HDR. When you do tonemapping with one frame, it boosts the darker part and lower the highest part of the pictures which is certainly going to give lower quality result.

            Have a good day Bill!


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