Gallery Place Players

Two musicians play at the south entrance to the Gallery Place / Chinatown metro, in Washington, D.C.


10 thoughts on “Gallery Place Players

  1. That’s what I like about DC, it’s really colourful. London on the other hand is all reds, blues and muted tones. Then again your home town is a lot cleaner than my home town.


    1. I don’t know; after all your rain and wind, I can’t imagine much rubbish is left. You’re right about the coloring. The muted colors are what I liked about London. It made the buses and taxis really stand out in photos.


          1. The light quality in London is always a little more dull. You only really notice it when you look back over the city from the outskirts. Remember I kept commenting on how bright everything was in DC?
            Mind you London often has low level cloud that always makes it look more dull. You’re right though, the bright colours really stood out because of the muted tones, made for good shots.


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