Hanging Around

So, after a few months of frustration, I finally figured out the little Fujifilm X20. I must say, once I figured out what my issues were, I went from hating the camera and thinking I wasted my money, to loving it, and being more convinced than ever to see my big Nikons. (I write because I love to write; I take pictures mostly because I’m bored. It kind of makes no sense to have so many.)

Anyway, I’ll be posting the shots I took this weekend over the next week or so. This thing is a damn little wizard — everything from tilt-shift to bracketing by ISO, film type and dynamic range, to 360-degree panoramas to straight shooting at up to 12 fps. My more expensive Nikons do none of those things. Hmmm.

Here’s a 1st pair of shots – just normal macro shots, straight out of the camera.

If it isn’t clear, this guy is looking at me. I have a 2nd, less sharp shot wherein he turns his head slightly, keeping a bug eye on me. He was quite annoyed when I followed him to a 2nd (and 3rd) flower. I heard, clear as a bell, a buzzy little, “Dude!”


11 thoughts on “Hanging Around

    1. It gets great reviews, which is why I bought it. As I said, it took a while to figure out what was wrong (I NEVER read instructions) but now I love it. The fact that I could fit my hand in my pocket with the camera in my hand is a plus. It’s very sharp.


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