Gunner’s Lake

Went for a 2.5-mile walk with the Nikon D300. Trying to talk myself out of selling all my crap Nikons. Here are 8 shots I liked.


9 thoughts on “Gunner’s Lake

  1. You love taking photographs and it shows. Don’t get rid of your cameras. They are a special part of your magic. Magic man.
    Keep writing, Bill. I’m still reading.


    1. Thanks, Mary. I love photography, but these Nikons are flawed. I need to send in the newer one because the sensor became filthy after 3 months of use. I’m not one to pay a lot of money for a flawed product. If I sell them both, I’d buy something better.


    1. I didn’t mean I’d stop photography, but I’m VERY unhappy with Nikon. I bought their D600, and their is a major problem with it. Same was true with the D300. I have to send it in for service. Once I do, I’m thinking of getting rid of them and getting something more reliable, like a Canon.


      1. Get a Canon I read a few Reviews about the New Model and I think she should do the Trick . I can Imagine how you feel about it. i have tried a few Tablet Computers and there is just One that is the right One for me my trusty iPad . The Camera Problem I have as well but I have to put it aside in the moment just to Focus on the Importent stuff.


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