The Subway

I’ve always been fascinated by subways — photographing metro architecture, shooting the riders, and even, on occasion, photographing paintings of subways. Here are 15 of my favorite photos.


17 thoughts on “The Subway

  1. I really love the blurred effects you have achieved Bill. Is there a particular knack to this? Would like to see if I can replicate this. Love the subway images


    1. Bob, there’s no huge trick. I pretty much just use a slow shutter speed. The ones with the people walking were shot at 1/4 to 1/8th of a second, and the escalator shots were 1/4 and 1/15 of a second. I handhold them, because I’ve been doing it so long, but it would probably work just as well with a tripod or with the camera sitting on something steady.

      To me, the key is to have people or objects that are stationary in addition to the moving objects, in order to give the sense of speed, rather than blurriness.


  2. Nice pictures…I really like the “in motion” pictures and the subway art at the top of the post. A while ago, I was working on a blog project taking pictures of neighborhoods near Orange Line Stations to see how the D.C metro changes from Vienna to D.C to New Carrallton, but I’ve kind of abandoned it. This makes me want to get back to it.


    1. I know someone who did that for metro stops in Mexico City. I had planned on photographing different metro buildings, but I haven’t. I’d probably be on the Red Line, however.

      It’s not too late to jump back in. 🙂


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