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I want to thank recent new followers in showing an interest in my photography. Unfortunately it would appear that you are following Roving Bess, due to the display name that appears along with my Gravatar when I comment on your posts. However, as I no longer post on Roving Bess/Today on Earth, Art, you won’t be seeing any of my new photography posts which are at I would like it very much then if you could follow me at Phi instead. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have since fixed the Gravatar label, so any new followers will see the address to my Phi blog, not Roving Bess!

As neither Bill or I are posting on this blog anymore, I may just have to look into a site redirect too. We’ll see…

It’s all very confusing and frustrating…


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It isn’t that I have an affinity with Washington DC per se, but that it is the only city within spitting distance of where me and my husband Bill currently live. We live about an hour north of the Nation’s Capitol in a very suburban place full of mostly wealthy, and cagey suburbanites, and where one needs to drive everywhere in order to experience any kind of social gathering, usually at stores or local malls (pff!). In short we are a little taxed around these parts for interesting locations in which to shoot street. So, The District, as it is known locally has become our default street shooting venue. As it is, it has provided me personally with a wealth of photographic stock, this year in particular since I immigrated and became an official resident of the USA.

It’s an interesting challenge to find new things to take pictures of in a place…

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Me at my desk May 2016_MPHIX


Prompted in part by my husband’s previous post, I shall be bowing out of posting on this blog. I know there was some misunderstanding as some of you, me included, thought that Bill was excusing himself from posting here anymore, although he was merely stating that he was just more active on his other photography blog, ‘FirewingPhotography’, and could also be found there. The truth is, neither of us posts here very often anymore.

Some time ago when Bill and I decided to merge our photo blogs, ‘Roving Bess’ and ‘Today on Earth’, it was done with all the best intentions and as a way of us collaborating more on photography projects. But as Bill rightly stated, few people stop by here anymore and look at what we do. Some of you may be aware that we also co-author another blog, ‘’ which is geared more to showcasing art in its many forms, and yes talking about photography features a lot.

I in particular, have found it difficult to get any traction here on this blog since the merger for a number of reasons. Although ‘Roving Bess’ was already a well established blog, and I kept all of my followers, I lost all of my history of likes and comments in the process, so I felt as though I’d become somewhat of a newbie again. Furthermore, Bill’s original blog, ‘Today on Earth’ was also a long established site with an ample enough following. As the title of this blog only changed to incorporate the word ‘Art” to reflect the change in authorship, I guess followers just assumed that it was still Bill’s blog. So whenever I posted, some of you naturally assumed that the images and words belonged to Bill. At first it was amusing and excusable, not to mention flattering as Bill is a very talented man, but when it kept happening I sort of gave up the ghost and stopped posting here.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this joint photography blog is somewhat of a failed venture, sadly. It’s ok, these things happen. Although Roving Bess may have died a death, I am still a passionate photographer and I shall continue to take pictures irrespective of online media trends.

I know some of you already follow some of my other blogs, but for those who you who don’t and you happen to be interested in my work, either photography or writing related, then I can be found in the following various places:

Instagram: @phi_street

Diary of a Person Being Human

Raw Naked Art

Chances are that nobody will even notice my absence here. Nevertheless, I hope to see you around!


Brookside Gardens Butterfly in Noir_MPHIX

WPC – Narrow


My take on the theme Narrow in this week’s photo challenge involves a narrow point of focus and a narrow tonal palette. These images were taken at the Brookside Gardens here in Maryland. It’s a place Bill and I have visited several times this year. In fact we were there just the day before yesterday. I’m still in the process of editing those shots, but perhaps I’ll post a few in colour. It’s a beautiful place to go and visit changing frequently in appearance as flowers and bugs come in and out of season. The images below were taken when their magnificent rose garden was in full bloom back in May. The roses have all but faded now, however other equally magnificent flowers have bloomed in their stead. The outdoor butterflies were also out in full force. They have an indoor butterfly garden there which is where the ones featured below were shot. I got some great shots of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, a butterfly that is very common here, amongst other bugs. I shall include those in my next post. Enjoy!



If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge click here!

The Dressmaker

1-600_1463 (2)

Perhaps because I’ve retired from “work” and spend most of my time writing and taking photos, I’ve come to see street photography less as a set of independent photos and more of a story. As I have the time, and because my wife is generally somewhere nearby clicking away, I take the time to work a scene–much to the consternation of the few anti-photography types–taking up to a dozen shots to capture whatever it is I’ve seen.

Here, I took several shots as a woman, ostensibly a dressmaker and a mother, stops on the Washington, D.C. National Mall to deal with her small children and to speak to an acquaintance. It’s a set of small, insignificant moments, but perhaps one day they will become iconic of this early phase of the 21st century, where the old meets the new and the new disguised as ancient.

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The Road to Worthing

Raw, Naked Art

Journey to Worthing Storyboard_MPHIX

I’m finding the futility of life oddly poetic today, given the most recent acts of violence in Dallas. Carved into the hard grain of reality is a word that people seldom know how to pronounce: accountability. Whether we are directly affected by events is moot. We are all in some way accountable because we are all a part of the system that perpetuates the problem. Idealism used incorrectly is just an excuse not to be accountable. Change begins with each of us and because of us.

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Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all our Stateside friends!

This is my first Independence Day in the USA, and as a bona fide resident of the Land of the Free. Though I am not especially patriotic, being that I’m British, independence and the freedom to be me and be here is nothing to be sniffed at. For that reason alone I think this is a most worthy celebration.

This is my artistic contribution today in honour of such an occasion. Flags and fireworks!!


DC Red White and Blue Final Version 2_MPHIX

DC Angelica Head Explosion_MPHIX


DC Street Abstracts

I’ve been busy creating abstract street photography lately, gleaned from material shot in Washington DC recently. It’s been a very creative process, and I’ve learned a little more about my editing software, although it has left me a little photo-blind. Going back to ordinary, bog-standard photography is a little weird now…

Click on the gallery to view large. Hope you enjoy!

Random Wedding at the Reflecting Pool

One of the unexpected places you find wedding parties in D.C. is at the Reflecting Pool, just below the Lincoln Memorial. While we were there earlier this month, Maria and I stumbled across two wedding parties taking shots. We’d seen such a Bridal Apocalypse before, in Granada, Spain at La Alhambra. However, unlike Granada, wherein the brides pretended the other 8 wedding shoots weren’t happening, when the D.C. brides saw each other, they gave a little wave. I missed that bit, but I did snap a few shots I liked.

It captured some attention from others as well.

Oh, well. Weddings aren’t for everybody.

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Girl Meets Man 2

Given most people seem to browse Wordepressing around once a week (me included) I’ve pretty much switched to posting shots on Firewing Photography to the exclusion of all else. Similarly, Maria posts much of her work on her Instagram feed. I invite you to stop in both places, if you’re interested.

Firewing Photography

1-100T3400I’m not sure what he said, but he got a smile out of her. 🙂 Chinatown, Washington, DC, May 2016

This is one of my favorite shots of the day because it shows how you get better results by 1) slowing down, and 2) working the scene. I took the 1st shot because the family was approaching the camera, and I liked the interplay between the evening shadows and the warm light on their faces. I held my spot to watch the girl’s interaction with the man. He spoke to her in a sweet voice, and I managed to catch her just as her little cheeks flexed into a smile. Don’t be afraid to take more than one shot. Sometimes, the first shot is the best; others the last shot.

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